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About Us

Bill Rhea is a realist painter who lives in New Mexico. Kali (pictured in black) his assistant.

About Kali

Kali’s origins are unknown, though she is believed to have commanded a brigade in the Spanish Civil War. As a result of this, her long friendships with both Picasso and Hemingway began. She served with distinction in WW2 with the French Foreign Legion. After the war she was briefly married to Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, and Charles Nelson Reilly of Hollywood Squares fame. She is a Nobel prize recipient and enjoys eating food on the floor. 


About Bill


Bill works for Kali, though he also taught at the Academy of Art in San Francisco where he also received a BFA in Illustration. He has been privileged to study with some of the best painters in America today including Craig Nelson, Brian Blood, Laurie Kersey, Randy Sexton, and a number

of others. He loves painting!  

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