Bill Rhea

Realist Painter


Bill Rhea

Artist & Teacher

I've been a realist plein-air painter for over thirty years.

I taught for over a decade at the Academy of Art in

San Francisco. Now I live in Santa Fe, where I am

inspired to paint every day. I teach painting in group

and private classes in my Santa Fe studio.


“Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and work."

Chuck Close

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I've spent the last three months painting non-stop. I'm excited to be offering over fifteen new paintings for sale on my new shop. Please check them out.


Well here we all are shaking the dust out of our clothes and starting up and over again.

I’ve been working hard and posting new work. 

I also have a new website!

I’d like to hit the ground running and get some art out to some people who’ve perhaps never thought of themselves

as art buyers.

I’ve adjusted the prices accordingly to reflect this new energy and to keep the paintings and the creativity moving forward.


Please contact me; I’d love to hear from you about art, painting, life in general, and do have a look at the new website!


My group classes on Fridays and Saturdays are starting up again in my home studio in Santa Fe. I will also be leading plein air class excursions this summer.

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